Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Sharon Creech Verse Novels

Love That Dog
By Sharon Creech
Published 2003 by HarperTrophy

Hate That Cat
By Sharon Creech
Published 2008 by Joanna Colfer

Jack doesn't want to write poetry - only girls do that. But he gives it a shot. Turns out, maybe Jack does have some things he'd like to write down. And maybe, just maybe, he's a poet at heart.

I read these back to back the other day and they were quick, heartfelt and engaging. Jack is a believable character and very easy to identify with. I have a soft spot for novels written in verse (I'm not really sure what got me started on this kick but now I can't get enough), but I especially love that Jack's story is told through poetry. This way, we get little bits and pieces of his life, through his poems, and slowly, wonderfully, complete our portrait of him as a real person. I loved how Jack found his inspiration for his words through poems easily recognized by me, the reader (and that these poems were provided for readers in the back of the books). I also loved the appearance of Mr. Walter Dean Myers and Jack's incessant need to know if an author is alive or not. I loved how each novel told a specific and poignant story - first about Sky and then about Jack's mom. These novels were a delight. Highly recommended.

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