Review Policy

I'm pleased that you would like me to review your book. The focus of my blog is primarily on fiction for middle-grade and young adult readers, though I am open to non-fiction if the topic sounds of interest to me. I am open to all genres of fiction, though my favorites are speculative fiction and historical. I work as a librarian, so I understand that, while a book may not work for me, it may still have an audience. As such, I find it valuable to include reviews of books I didn't personally enjoy on this blog. Accepting a book for review does not guarantee a favorable review on this blog. My reviews will be published on the blog and linked on my Goodreads account. I will make my best effort to review copies received in a timely manner, with the knowledge that life may occasionally interfere. If you would like a review posted around a particular time, please include this information and I will do my best.

I am willing to accept review copies in any stage of completion, including ARCs or finished copies. I will accept either print or digital review copies, though my preference is for print versions. As I am a librarian and consider this blog an extension of my professional development, I will not accept books that are available only in digital formats, or those that are self-published/vanity press.

Review copies I receive are always passed on to my public library (ARCs will be used as summer reading prizes) to see continued use

Please email me at librarianosnark (at) gmail (dot) com.

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