Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: Zita the Spacegirl

Zita the Spacegirl
By Ben Hatke
Published 2011 by First Second

When Zita finds a red button in a smoking crater, she does what any normal person would do - she pushes it. Little does Zita know that pushing this button will send her on an intergalactic journey to rescue her best friend and how many interesting characters she will meet along the way.

This is a current Bluebonnet nominee and a graphic novel, so I snatched it up recently for a quick read. This book is really, really fun. Zita is a wonderful heroine - she is full of punch and vigor, she is deeply loyal, she is curious and caring - she's your basic preteen girl. Her adventures are exciting and also full of valuable lessons, even if you don't ever find yourself travelling through space. This is a very quick read, with really interesting artwork and a well-developed storyline that begs for sequels. I can't wait to read Zita's next adventure! Really glad I picked this one up and sure to be a popular choice among the Bluebonnets.

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