Monday, January 2, 2012

The Year in Review: Part 3

Sadly, I didn't read as many picture books this year as I normally do. Which is kind of weird when you think about it since they literally take fifteen minutes to read. Alas, I was trying desperately to read as many novels as I could squeeze into the year and the picture books fell by the wayside. So an abbreviated list for you (though I'm sure it's woefully misrepresentative of the wonders that are published in picture books every year).

Top 5 picture books:
 - Man in the Moon by William Joyce
Imaginative and filled with lush illustrations, Joyce once again proves why he is so successful and deserving of any and all praise he receives. A treasure for children of all ages.

 - Small Saul by Ashley Spires
One of the picture books I didn't review here, this is a sweet tale of a small pirate who tries and tries to fit in, but he's just not like the other pirates. Ultimately this book shows us how everyone has a place in the world and there is room for all unique talents, even aboard a pirate ship.

 - Hooray for Amanda and her Alligator! by Mo Willems
I love Mo Willems and will probably love everything he ever produces. A sweet little book of friendship with his signature style of illustrations, I hope Willems continues to produce picture books for a long time to come.

 - Duchess of Whimsy by Randall de Seve, illustrations by Peter de Seve
A wonderful new addition to the tradition of fairy tales, the de Seves provide readers with a beautiful and happy little story about the power of simplicity and the joy in finding commonalities.

 - King Hugo's Huge Ego by Chris Van Dusen
Van Dusen's illustrations always blow me away, and this new picture book is no exception. A funny story about a conceited king, his illustrations are the right amount of ridiculous and suitable.

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