Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: Black Heart

Black Heart (Curse Workers, book 3)
By Holly Black, read by Jesse Eisenberg
Published 2012 by Random House Audio

WARNING: There will be spoilers for books one and two in the series. You can read my reviews of those titles by clicking the links.

Cassel's secret talent is also his most desired: both the Mob and the Feds want to hire Cassel to do their dirty work. But what kind of man does Cassel want to be? And will either decision lead to a happy ending for him and Lila?

So, in case you missed it, this is one of the first series in a long time where I have felt the WANT and the PULL of each subsequent book. After finishing the first, I immediately downloaded the second and third because I knew I'd want to read them as soon as possible. This is one of the best fantasy series in YA today and seriously, why aren't you reading it already? Black has completely won me over with these books. But, let's talk about this one specifically - the end of the series. As expected, I faced this book with a bit of trepidation: would I be happy or sad when it was over? Well, dear readers, the answer is both. I think this is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy with an ending that leaves you wondering and, even better, still involved in the world that Black has created. One would expect that a series ender is basically filled with tying up the plot points. Oh, but see, that's where Black has got you - there is so much happening in this book! Not only are we tying up loose ends and watching Cassel (now assuredly one of my favorite YA characters) choose what kind of person he wants to be, but Black introduces an entire new storyline in this one. I think this catapults the book out of the realm of your typical "final novel" and makes it that much more interesting. Like I said in previous reviews, Black does characters extraordinarily well and this installment is no exception. I was 100% behind Cassel the entire time as he struggles with which path to choose. The secondary characters are all there and just as interesting as well. I really find no flaws with book and I can't wait to see what Black does next. What are you waiting for? GO READ THESE!

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