Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy
By David Levithan
Published 2003 by Knopf Books for Young Readers

A little interlude from ALA prep - I picked this up because my local library didn't have any of the books I was actually looking for and I've been trying to read all of Levithan's books. I've somehow managed to get this far without reading his best-known title. But finally, I have fixed that error.

The reason I've been trying to read all of Levithan's books is because he is an incredible talent. He has a great way with words - unique combinations and turns of phrase. He creates fantastic worlds and characters - they are all intricately crafted and surreal yet believable. This book is probably his most fantastical - this world is radically different from the world we live in. But it is a world that is possible and one that many people hope for. Ultimately, that is part of the appeal with this book - you want to believe that things can be this radical, that sexuality will not define and separate individuals and all the other notions that Levithan puts forth in novels like these.

My main criticism with Levithan's love stories (which basically all of his novels boil down to) is that the inevitable conflict that arises between the hero and his love is beginning to seem more and more convoluted to me. I mean, there really was nothing getting in these characters' way and yet they had a hard time getting together. Maybe the reason this irritates me is that it's all too reminiscent of real life - oftentimes the only thing getting in a relationship's way are the people in it.

Regardless of this issue, I love reading a Levithan novel and this was no exception. I'll continue to read and hopefully continue to enjoy his work.

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