Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon
By Julie Halpern
Published 2007 by Feiwel & Friends

Having read Halpern's second novel and finding nothing at the library that caught my eye (in the 10 minutes I felt like browsing), I picked up this, her first novel. This is the story of Anna, who has been hospitalized for depression by her parents. There is an indication that much of this story is based on Halpern's own experiences. For me, having read a later novel of hers first, it's pretty clear that she is struggling to find her voice in this one. It feels a little frenetic and a little all over the place - but that could also be partly due to the situation that's taking place within the novel's pages. That being said, this book has its moments. Anna is a likable main character - she doesn't really understand why she's there or what's wrong with her but even she can admit that she hasn't felt right lately. I think she is someone a lot of teens could relate to. She struggles with her self-image and doesn't realize that it's okay to feel overwhelmed, but you should talk to someone about those feelings. There are moments of laugh-out-loud humor throughout the book - some of the situations that arise in a psych ward are just plain funny. There is a sweet building of friendship and romance and the book moves along at a good pace. A sweet and interesting read, but I preferred her other title.

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