Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: Teeth

By Hannah Moskowitz
Published 2013 by Simon Pulse

Rudy knows he shouldn't resent his brother. After all, it's not his fault that he's sick and the family moves to a remote island in a last effort to make him healthy. But it still sucks for Rudy. Will things change for him when he meets a pair of mysterious island-dwellers, one who never leaves her house and one who is half-fish?

The story I read was not the story I expected. Hannah Moskowitz is one of those authors whose name I've heard frequently and whose stories sounded like they'd be really interesting. In my typical fashion, I hadn't yet gotten around to actually reading any of her books. So, when her newest title popped up on Edelweiss, I requested it. However, as initially stated, the book I read was not what I had expected. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just, you know, unexpected. But the story I read was fascinating. I love, love, loved the exploration of sibling relationships in this book, not just through Rudy and his brother, but through Teeth and his complicated family. I loved the mystical side of the story - the magic fish that only a handful of fishermen know how to catch but the consumption of which can cure any ailment. I enjoyed the complexity of this story - it's not just about Rudy. It's not just about dealing with a sick family member. It's not just about having your life uprooted. It's not just about mythical fish. It's not just about a half-fish, half-boy. It's about all these things. It's also about finding the person who understands you best. It's about figuring out how unfair life is and what you're going to do about it. It's about figuring out how complicated life is and what you're going to do about it. The story is compelling, the characters are gritty, and the action is heartbreaking. This book was not what I expected, but it was incredibly well-done. Highly recommended.

Thanks to the publisher for a digital advance reader's copy, provided via Edelweiss.

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