Saturday, August 24, 2013

Picture Book Saturday

A Pet for Petunia
By Paul Schmid
Published 2011 by HarperCollins
I've really beginning to love Schmid's illustration style. It is simple yet artful and very kid-friendly, I think. I think the stories he chooses to tell are also incredibly kid-friendly. In this story, Petunia wants a pet, like many children. Unlike many children, though, the pet Petunia wants happens to be a skunk. Whatever will her parents do? Any child who's ever wanted a pet will relate to this tale and spunky Petunia is a charming character. Definitely recommended!

Stripes of All Types
By Susan Stockdale
Published 2013 by Peachtree Publishers
I really love Stockdale's non-fiction titles. They are interesting and lovely to look at, as well as chock full of information that will amuse and fascinate kids. I even enjoyed the one she wrote that was all about birds! In this title, Stockdale presents us a variety of animals with stripes. She highlights the different reasons these animals have stripes and how they might use them. Each animal is named and more information about each is provided in the back of the book. Stockdale's non-fiction books are perfect to share in family or preschool storytimes and will add a great element to them.

Penguin's Hidden Talent
By Alex Latimer
Published 2012 by Peachtree Publishers
I'm pretty sure anyway you slice it, this is a Message book, but it's so darn cute that I forgive it. You see, Penguin's friends are all so very excited about the upcoming talent show. But Penguin is anxious. He doesn't know what his talent is and he doesn't want to be left out. In the end, of course, Penguin's talent is discovered and everyone is happy. This is very much "everyone is special in their own way," but the adorable animals make it difficult to not love this one. Also, the animals' special talents are just too amusing to ignore.

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