Monday, April 4, 2016

March Check-In

It's time to check up on what I read this month!

Early-chapter: 0

Middle-grade: 2

Teen: 3

Adult: 4

Picture books: 25

Library books: 29

Books owned: 5

Read Harder Challenge: 8/24

Non-fiction goal: 6/25

Series goal: 1/5

Short stories/Novellas: 11

As expected, I had a very slow month this month. For the first half, I was focused on adult titles in preparation for my trip. And, while on my vacation, I didn't read at all. I listened to about an hour of my audiobook and read maybe two chapters of the book I was reading, and that's it. I always imagine I'll have lots of time for reading, but I almost never end up reading while on vacation. Hopefully I'll get back into it in April!

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