Saturday, November 10, 2012

Picture Book Saturday (41)

It's All About Me-Ow
By Hudson Talbott
Published 2012 by Nancy Paulsen Books
My colleague insisted I read this the day it showed up at our library. I like cats, but I haven't owned one since college. However, I've had many friends who owned cats, and they are quite unique creatures. Talbott has captured the feline spirit perfectly in this book. Presented as a set of lessons on cat-hood from one older cat to the next generation, this book is sure to make any person who has known a cat laugh out loud. Because it's funny, kids will appreciate it as well, but it's a little long for storytime use.

Bear Says Thanks
By Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman
Published 2012 by Margaret K. McElderry Books
Beloved Bear wants to say thank you to his friends with a nice big feast - but Bear has run out of food! What will he and his friends do? This is another delightful entry in the Bear series, just in time for Thanksgiving. These books are just so stinking cute - I love everything about them. They have excellent rhythm and incredibly appealing illustrations. They are perfect for storytimes and they always have a sweet message. Love it!

The Monsters' Monster
By Patrick McDonnell
Published 2012 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
There were once three monsters who were the absolute biggest and baddest monsters around. Until one day, when they decide to work together and create an even bigger and badder monster. It works - or does it? For some reason, their monster just doesn't seem as bad. This is a really adorable story with charming illustrations that flows nicely and has a lovely message. Perfect for a gentle Halloween storytime.

By Lemniscates
Published 2012 by Magination Press
What do you hear when you are silent? Kids are invited to discover through this imaginative and meditative picture book. It's a very peaceful read with well-suited illustrations and will introduce the idea of silence quite well. I think this might work in a storytime setting, but only with the right group. A rowdy group would miss the point. This book might be better enjoyed one-on-one.

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