Saturday, November 17, 2012

Picture Book Saturday (42)

As the Crow Flies
By Sheila Keenan, illustrated by Kevin Duggan
Published 2012 by Feiwel & Friends
I am not a bird person, in case you didn't know. So I'm not entirely sure what compelled me to pick up this book - maybe morbid fascination with things that terrify me? Regardless, this is a picture book I think intended to make crows a bit less scary and unfriendly for kids. I like that idea, but I'm not sure if it works, simply because I think crows are among the most obnoxious creatures that exist. However, the illustrations make them far less intimidating, so perhaps there is something to this little book. It doesn't have much of a story and almost seems to be a very simple, non-fiction intro to these birds. I'd be curious to hear what others thought of this one.

F is for Fenway: America's Oldest Major League Ballpark
By Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by John Dykes
Published 2012 by Sleeping Bear Press
I'm pretty much a die-hard Red Sox fan, so I couldn't resist picking up this book, filled with tidbits and history on America's most storied ballpark. This book was released to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Fenway and follows the same format as the other regional and thematic alphabet books put out by Sleeping Bear Press. If you're a huge Red Sox fan, a lot of this information won't be new to you, but there is something heartwarming seeing it in a picture book. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Fenway may not be the cheapest or most comfortable or prettiest ballpark there is, but it still feels like home to me.

Waking Dragons
By Jane Yolen, illustrated by Derek Anderson
Published 2012 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Okay, this cover art is absolutely irresistible - look at that adorable dragon and the miniature little knight! Why would you not pick this up to see what's inside? This is a very simple rhyming story about getting up and getting ready for school. Some of the rhymes are a bit cumbersome, but over all, I think young children will enjoy following the process of getting the dragons ready in the morning. I love the illustrations - soft and sweet, sure to appeal to young kids. This would definitely work well for a toddler storytime.

Duck Sock Hop
By Jane Kohuth, illustrated by Jane Porter
Published 2012 by Dial
This is a silly and entertaining little book about the ducks getting ready for their weekly sock hop. Rhyming, tongue-twisting text will remind readers of Sandra Boynton's books. The accompanying illustrations are bright and vibrant - parents can point out different colors and shapes and patterns on each spread. This would work well in a storytime and I can see a number of great pairings with other books are dancing animals, ducks, or clothing. A cute new book.

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