Saturday, December 22, 2012

Picture Book Saturday (46)

More holiday books for you to enjoy!

Sad Santa
By Tad Carpenter
Published 2012 by Sterling Children's Books
The day after Christmas is the worst day of the year for Santa. This year, he's taking it especially poorly, sinking into a funk that no one, not even Mrs. Claus, can get him out of. Will Santa ever get his Christmas spirit back? For me, the best thing about this book is the style of the illustrations - muted colors with a retro feel. It's very striking, especially next to the other Christmas books. I get the message of this book, but I think it could have been conveyed better.

Just Right for Christmas
By Birdie Black, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw
Published 2012 by Nosy Crow
I'm continually impressed by the books I've seen from Nosy Crow and this Christmas story is no exception. It's a familiar story: a king buys red cloth to make a special Christmas present for his daughter, never knowing that the leftover cloth will go on to make many more special presents for many more families. It's a simple story, but it's lovely. I love how genuinely excited each new family seems - the finder of the scrap to make something "just right" for their loved one and the loved ones at receiving these just right gifts. The illustrations perfectly reflect the quiet and sweet nature of the story. A lovely addition to holiday reading.

Who Will Help Santa This Year?
By Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by David Biedrzycki
Published 2006 by Scholastic
Well, this may not be a new book, but it just made its way to our library. This is a cute story that is sure to appeal to young fantasy lovers. The task of Christmas for the whole world is too much for just Santa, so he seeks out help. Will he get assistance from the dragons? Or maybe the mermaids can help? Kids will enjoy seeing all the fantastical creatures Santa consults before finding the perfect fit for his workshop. The illustrations are vibrant and bold, each reflecting perfectly the environment of the different creatures.

Dinosaur vs. Santa
By Bob Shea
Published 2012 by Hyperion
Yes, Dinosaur is back - and this time, he's getting ready for Santa's arrival. Of course, Christmastime is not without its own challenges, but Dinosaur is no stranger to battles and he will face them all, stomping and roaring along the way. If you've seen the previous Dinosaur books, you pretty much know how this one goes - but it's still as charming and fun as the others. I love the simplicity of the story and the illustrations - this is a book that all kids can enjoy, from the youngest to the oldest. A fun new book to share at Christmas.

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