Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Dead is the New Black

Dead is the New Black (Dead Is, book one)
By Marlene Perez, read by Suzy Jackson
Published 2010 by Brilliance Audio

Daisy comes from a family of psychics - unfortunately, she isn't one herself. However, Daisy begins to take matters into her own hands when teen girls start disappearing in town. So, while her mother is using her psychic abilities to help the police, Daisy begins conducting an investigation of her own. But has she put herself in danger with her amateur sleuthing?

This is another of my many audiobook whims - usually I just browse the titles available for download and, if I've ever had any sort of interest in one I see, I download it and give it a shot. I thought this series sounded different so, when I spotted the first title, it was my opportunity to try it out. I really liked the narrator for this one - she had the perfect voice to embody Daisy's character. Daisy's narrative voice felt very authentic as well - I never once questioned that this was a teenager talking. Some of the plot is a bit cheesy, but I kind of expected that from the bright pink cover. It's also pretty predictable, especially the romantic aspect, but, once again, this didn't come as much of a shock. This was a very quick listen - I imagine an even quicker read, as it's less than 200 pages long. Quite a bit happens in the book, so it feels a bit crammed and rushed at times, but there are also still a few questions left to explore. This is a very obvious set-up for the sequels that have followed, and I'm curious enough to pick up the next one at some point down the road. Overall, this was a case where the cover suited the content very well - a quick, girly read with a supernatural twist. Those intimidated by longer supernatural fare should check out this title.

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