Saturday, June 8, 2013

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update 1

So I'm about 14 hours in to my challenge. I managed to squeeze in 5 hours of reading last night (between listening to an audiobook on my commute home and reading once I got there), so this morning, I'm going to take an hour to visit other blogs and see how everyone else is doing!

I finished one book last night - The Miseducation of Cameron Post. I was already about halfway through it before the challenge started, but I'm glad the challenge gave me the motivation to finish it. Like I said in my starting line, I'm in a hurry trying to finish the Hub Reading Challenge, so after I finished that, I started Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce. Ready to shame me? This is the first time I've ever even tried to read a Tamora Pierce book. I KNOW, I KNOW - I'm a terrible librarian. Anyway, I'm glad the Hub Challenge is pushing me to pick her up - we'll see what I think of it!

As I also mentioned in my starting line, I'm working a full eight hour day today, so I probably won't get much reading done. I'll have my lunch break and, on the very off chance that it is slow at the desk, we are allowed to read, so I might get to sneak in some time here and there. But our summer reading program starts on Monday and I have tons of stuff to get done (I've got three professional journals to get there, ordering to get done, program stuff to get ready - I'm sure you know how it is), so I probably won't get to sneak in as much reading time as I would on a typical slow Saturday. Not that I expect this to be a slow day.

How is everyone else doing?


  1. The Challenge is going pretty well for me - I'm really enjoying the books I've chosen to read. I hope you like Alanna! I read the Alanna books in grad school and loved them! Keep up the good work!

    1. From catching your Twitter updates and seeing your blog posts, you seem to have picked some great books for the challenge! I liked Alanna, though I guess I expected a bit more, since it seems like everyone LOVED these books. But I did enjoy it - I will definitely be picking up the next book!