Sunday, June 9, 2013

48 Hour Book Challenge: Update 2

I'm about 30 hours into the challenge. It wasn't terribly busy at work so I managed to sneak in a few extra minutes of reading but with SRC kicking off full blast on Monday, I had too much work to get done. I'm really using my audiobook option - I listened on my ride to and from work and for a couple hours while cooking and eating dinner. That has definitely helped bump up my time.

I finished Alanna: the First Adventure tonight. I liked it well enough, though I guess I was expecting a lot more with the rabid Tamora Pierce fan base there is. Moved onto Never Fall Down - about 100 pages in and I'm liking it. Tomorrow will be my big reading day - no plans all day until the evening, after my 48 hours ends. 

I have hopped around and visited a few of the other participant blogs and I am in awe - you all are kicking butt and showing those TBR piles who is boss! I'll be happy if I finish two more books tomorrow - nothing in comparison to the double digits some of you cranked out in the first day!

I had hoped to stay up late and try to get by on just a couple hours sleep but I'm definitely crashing. So I'm calling it a night and will get back to reading when I wake up tomorrow. Have fun everyone!

EDIT: I tried to post this last night at midnight but apparently it didn't go through so I'm posting it now!

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  1. Someday I will read Alanna....until I do, I feel that I will always be something of a middle grade fantasy fraud....

    I hope the rest of your reading went well!