Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Check-In

Once again, it's time to check my stats for the month! Here's what I read!

Middle-grade: 14

Teen: 5

Adult: 7

Picture books: 14

Library books: 25

Books owned: 15

So, here's what happened this month. First, a bunch of new picture books came into the library, so that accounts for a lot of my library book numbers. Also, I read all the Big Nate chapter books in preparation for a program (though each book probably only took me 90 minutes to read). And lastly, of course, are the audiobooks that I continue to power through. I am starting to feel a bit disheartened with my progress on my physical TBR - there are still boxes of books next to my bed and they are not going away as fast as I want them to. I know part of the problem is that I'm still reading a lot of e-galleys so that's cutting into my reading time for the physical books in my house. But I don't want to fall completely behind on what's being published while I try to read down my pile. I guess I still haven't found the perfect balance, but I'll keep trucking along. Of course, any youth services librarian in a public library knows that summer is crazy season, plus my personal schedule for May is pretty jam-packed, so I'm not feeling too optimistic about making much progress in the coming months. Words of encouragement are appreciated!

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