Saturday, May 24, 2014

Picture Book Saturday

Bella's Rules
By Elissa Haden Guest, illustrated by Abigail Halpin
Published 2013 by Dial
Bella likes to follow rules - but only the ones she makes herself. However, when a spirited puppy enters her life with its own set of rules, Bella begins to learn the value of the rules of others. I think this is a book that will really appeal to kids - how many of them wish they could make their own rules? I'm not sure if the youngest listeners will get the message at the end of the story, but it's a fun book either way. The illustrations are quite nice as well.
Zoe's Room (No Sisters Allowed)
By Bethanie Deeney Murguia
Published 2013 by Arthur A. Levine Books
I really enjoyed Zoe Gets Ready, the first book starring the spunky Zoe. Zoe likes her room the way it is - it's full of places where she has wild adventures. When her parents tell her that her little sister will be moving into her room with her, Zoe is very upset. Her little sister is going to ruin everything - or is she? This is a great book for capturing the relationship between siblings and I think a lot of kids will be able to relate to this. A very cute story.
Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom
By John Rocco
Published 2013 by Disney-Hyperion
I loved Rocco's Blackout so I was excited to see a new title from him this year, though, admittedly, I found the title a bit odd. This is kind of a strange book, about a boy who believes his crazy hair gives him wild superpowers, but it's also silly and fun and kids will definitely like that about it. As expected Super Hair-o and his posse of friends discover that they don't need their crazy hair to do super deeds. The illustrations are perfect for this story - over the top and retro style. I'm even more fascinated by Rocco than I was before I read this one.

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