Sunday, May 4, 2014

Program: Adventure Club

In the fall, we finally decided to tackle a topic in Adventure Club that we knew would be a hit: Lego Ninjago. Thankfully, many other brilliant librarians have run Ninjago programs in the past, so we found numerous ideas to use in our program. Additionally, I did spend some time on the Wiki myself, which was helpful the day of the program, as the kids wanted hints for things and liked having an adult they could talk to that actually knew what they were talking about. Here's what we did!

As others have done before, we set our program up in stations, representing the different characters. We like having stations, as they usually keep the program flowing well, and the different talents of the characters made it easy to differentiate between the tasks.

Zane's Villain Knockdown: I printed out a picture of one villain from each of the three main categories and taped the pictures to cardboard tubes. We set them on a table and provided the kids with origami ninja stars and they set to work taking out as many of the villains as they could. Each kid got five stars to throw. Needless to say, they liked throwing them.

Jay's Gadget Station: We definitely took this idea directly from another librarian's Ninjago program, asking the kids to create a new ninja gadget using as few Legos as possible. Our kids seemed to completely ignore the last part of the instructions, but we had plenty of Legos for everyone, so it wasn't really an issue.

Sensei Wu's Brain Training: The obligatory trivia station - but I was surprised by how many kids had never seen the show and still shown up. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by this anymore, but I find it interesting. I left the answers, covered and clearly marked, on the table so that the station would run itself, but the kids seemed to like it better when I was over there providing them hints before telling them the answers.

Kai's Morning Course: Another idea we borrowed from someone else, we created a pretty basic obstacle course for the kids to navigate. They had to collect bones and retrieve a sword while avoiding lava and balancing on one leg. Pretty hilarious to watch - they really liked this station.

Cole's Building Station: This was the one that I had the hardest time coming up with and it showed in the program - it was the least popular station. I had the kids trying to build houses of cards, since Cole has the ability to move earth and build mountains. A handful of kids tried it, but no one seemed that interested.

In the last few minutes of the program, we had a raffle to give away a couple of the books. Overall, we had a good turnout and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves, so definitely a success. Maybe our more successful Adventure Club to date!

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