Monday, August 4, 2014

July Check-In

It's that time again - time to check my reading stats for the month. Here's what I read:

Middle-grade: 6

Teen: 6

Adult: 5

Picture books: 0

Library books: 1

Books owned: 16

 I thought my numbers would be much lower, as this was the busier month of summer for me. Looking back at previous months, however, my numbers are not really significantly lower than in previous months. I did read slightly less, but not like I anticipated. My library number is extremely low because, as I mentioned in last month's post, I was listening to A Dance With Dragons on audio and it took almost the entire month to finish. The bad news is that I've been trying to stay more on top of the digital galleys I've downloaded, so that actually accounts for most of the "books owned" number, rather than physical books I have. I'm still trying to find the balance between those e-ARCs and the print copies I have at home. Here's hoping I can make a bigger dent in August!

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