Monday, September 1, 2014

August Check-In

Time again to check on my stats for the month! Here's the breakdown:

Middle-grade: 5

Teen: 9.5

Adult: 5

Picture books: 15

Library books: 22

Books owned: 12.5

 You may remember in last month's post that I said most of the "books owned" were digital galleys I had rather than physical books I owned. Well, that holds true for this month again, and will likely continue for September. I have a lot of e-ARCs for September releases that I'll be trying to read before their pub dates. I also had a higher number of library books this month. Yes, a large portion is made up of the new picture books that came in a few weeks ago, but I also read some other books. I decided that if I was checking a book out for my fiance to read that I also wanted to read, as long as we could both read it in the normal check-out period, I would do so. So, that has contributed to library book reading, and maybe it's cheating on my resolution but oh well. The half book here is a digital galley I started and just had no desire to finished (Undead with Benefits - released August 26). I had read the first book last year and felt lukewarm about it, but the second book just didn't grab me at all. I'm still hoping to do better with physical books in the future, but we'll see.

Also, the Cybils have started! I had a lot of fun as a Round 2 judge last year and have thrown my hat in the ring again this year. Do you have a blog? Would you like experience serving on an award committee? Apply to be a Cybils judge! You have until September 5 to do so. Just fill out the form found here.

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