Sunday, September 7, 2014

Program: American Girl Club

In our final meeting of American Girl Club for the spring, we laissez les bon temps rouler and celebrated Mardi Gras with Marie-Grace and Cecile! Here's what we did!

We started out with a short presentation as always. At the end of this presentation, though, we practiced our French! We taught the girls very simple French phrases, which they were expected to use throughout the rest of the program (responding "oui" or "non" when asked a question, saying "merci," etc.). Their pronunciations were not exactly spot on, but they mostly did okay.

We talked about Mardi Gras and why it was celebrated, then we put on some New Orleans jazz and decorated our own Mardi Gras masks! They had a blast with this, as expected, because we let them go crazy with the craft supplies - markers, jewels, feathers, the works! At the end, we all put our masks on and shouted joyously for our American Girl celebration!

And, it wouldn't be an American Girl Club meeting without treats. I bet you can guess what I made...actually, I spoiled the girls and made two treats this month! We had beignets (though mine were not deep fried, so not exactly traditional) as well as pralines. Most girls had one of each and loved both, which always pleases me. Plus, there were plenty of leftovers for my coworkers, which they definitely appreciated.

We briefly polled the girls about which dolls they'd like to see featured next year and then we finished up another rousingly successful year of American Girl Club!

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