Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Almost Forever

Almost Forever
By Maria Testa
Published 2007 by Candlewick Press

One day, a dad receives a letter. He must go to Vietnam. How long will he be gone? One year. But that year feels almost like forever to his young daughter...

This was a really quick read but it packs quite a punch. This tells the story of war from a young child's eyes, who can't understand why her dad has to go and why her mom worries so much. I found it very easy to fall into this story and the characters were easy to relate to. I think this is a great story for children of today's generation - another generation of children too young to understand war and why their parents had to leave. Testa's novel also speaks to the power of familial love and while it can feel like forever and maybe you start to forget a little, ultimately you can't forget your family. A very rich verse story.

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