Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: L is for Lone Star

L is for Lone Star: A Texas Alphabet
By Carol Crane
Published 2001 by Sleeping Bear Press

I know this particular company makes an alphabet book for seemingly everything, so I had kinda rolled my eyes at them whenever I saw them. But this one came across my path recently. And being a new Texas transplant, I thought I'd take a look and find out what exactly a Texas alphabet might look like. To my immense surprise and delight, this book was actually fun and educational. I learned a lot reading through the Texas alphabet - for example, did you know that the nine-banded armadillo (the state's official small mammal) always gives birth to identical quadruplets? Amazing, right? This book is full of other facts and information like that one and I think kids could have a lot of fun with them. A nice pictorial and alphabetical representation of the Lone Star State.

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