Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Check-In

It's time again to check my stats. Here's what I read this month:

Middle-grade: 9

Teen: 8

Adult: 3

Picture books: 19

Library books: 23

Books owned: 16

We got a surprising number of new picture books that I perused through this month and that accounts for the majority of my library book reads. I've been listening to A Dance With Dragons, so I imagine that will keep my library book numbers low this month and next as it is epically long. I did pretty well on books I owned this month, but I'm still not moving through them as quickly as I'd like (or maybe there are just far more of them than I imagined). I'm impressed that I still managed to read over 20 books this month, as summer is in full swing at our library. I'm going to be even busier next month, so I expect lower numbers then, but we'll see. 

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