Saturday, July 12, 2014

Picture Book Saturday

Love Is You & Me
By Monica Sheehan
Published 2013 by Little Simon
Yes, I am still woefully behind on my book reviews. This was another in our batch of new Valentine's Day books and it is so adorable. I love the simple rhymes that highlight the many ways that love enriches one's life. The illustrations are charming and very kid-friendly. Perhaps the best thing is that this book can be describing love of any kind - between parents and children, siblings, friends, or partners. Very sweet - I will definitely want a copy for my own shelves.
By Catherine Rayner
Published 2013 by Tiger Tales
This has got one of the best covers in recent history - doesn't it just look like the giraffe wants to be your friend? Well, Abigail loves to count. Unfortunately, everything she tries to count can't stay still. Will she ever get to count as high as she wants? This is a good book about learning how to count, reflecting some of the real frustrations and difficulties that kids may encounter as they learn. The illustrations really shine, though - they are expressive and beautiful. Definitely recommended.

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth
By Michelle Robinson, illustrated by Kate Hindley
Published 2014 by Henry Holt and Co.
Very funny instruction book on how exactly to bathe that woolly mammoth you've managed to keep as a pet. Kids will definitely appreciate the humor and parents will relate to the bathtime foibles presented here. The illustrations are lively and entertaining. It reminded me a bit of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie... which I think will only help it appeal to children. I can definitely see using this in a storytime. 

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