Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Review: The Dumbest Idea Ever!

The Dumbest Idea Ever!
By Jimmy Gownley
Published 2014 by GRAPHIX

What if your dumbest idea actually ended up changing your life forever? When a series of events keeps Jimmy out of school for an extended time, he has an idea. But it's basically the dumbest idea ever, so he shouldn't do it. Right? Or should he?

I received an ARC of this at ALA Midwinter and wanted to give it a go - I love graphic novels and I don't fit enough of them into my reading. And, bonus for me, this is actually a graphic memoir - something I definitely enjoy.

I went into this pretty much blind. I think I vaguely recognized Gownley's name, but I'd never actually read anything by him. I think, even without prior knowledge, it's pretty easy to figure out what Jimmy thought the "dumbest idea ever" was when he was a kid, but it's fun to read about all the same. This is a great book for kids who love graphic novels - they can read about how Jimmy was basically an average kid who liked comics - and he turned that love of comics into something more. They can learn that with practice and determination, anything is within their reach. It's a lovely message without being too preachy - something that kids are apt to sniff out right away. It's told well - I was engaged the whole way through - and, though Jimmy ages into high school during the course of the book, there's nothing objectionable for younger readers. The art is lovely as well and I think this is a great readalike for your readers who've read every Telgemeier twenty times.

Thanks to the publisher for an advance reader's copy.

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