Monday, January 4, 2016

December Check-In and 2015 Totals!

I'm posting even though my stats are a little off (I don't have my picture books for December handy) - I'll edit the post later with the really final totals.

Early-chapter: 1

Middle-grade: 7

Teen: 6

Adult: 15

Picture books: 5

Library books: 22.5

Books owned: 6.5

I have halves this month because of a book I started in ARC form and finished in print. Not too bad a month, though I am reading mostly library books lately, something I'm really hoping to do less of in 2016. I am looking ahead to the coming year and hoping to really see some progress in these check-in posts every month.

My totals from 2015:

Early-chapter: 8

Middle-grade: 85

Teen: 92

Adult: 93

Picture books: 292

Library books: 475.5

Books owned: 94.5

So, if you add it all up, it comes to 569 books total - over 200 more than last year. Keeping in mind that all picture books and audiobooks count as library books, I still did a terrible job focusing on the books I owned rather than library books. I'll be working very hard to address that in 2016, particularly as I sense another move is coming sooner rather than later. Here's hoping I can meet more of my reading goals in 2016!

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