Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fall Program Recap: Messy Art

As I mentioned previously, our program numbers were a little wonky this past fall. What never faltered, though, was attendance at our Friday morning preschool programs. Apparently, we have a huge population of littles and their parents can't get enough programming! My coworker and I thought we'd have a little fun and let the kids get messy and make art. It got a little crazy! Here's what we did!

Finger painting: it doesn't get much better than good old-fashioned finger painting. To prepare for the program, we taped down plastic dropcloths over 75% of the floor space (I joked that we were making a kill room a la Dexter Morgan; my colleague was not amused). This allowed for - we hoped - enough space for our attendees to spread out. Unfortunately, we did not anticipate over 100 patrons, so the room definitely got a little crowded. They loved finger painting and definitely got messy - one child was smartly dressed in a plain leotard - easy for cleanup!

Painting with wet glue: a project I'd seen on Pinterest and really wanted to try out. Unfortunately, this was not the right setting for it at all. Way too many people and no way to control grabby adults who didn't understand the concept of waiting one's turn. This would be a great project to do with a much smaller group of kids (though they all had fun with it).

Bubble painting: we've done this a few times in the past and it's always been a hit. Colored bubbles! What's not to love?

Footprint rocketships: another adorable project we'd seen on Pinterest; another absolute disaster with this crowd. I don't think a single child actually made this project as intended, but I suppose as long as they enjoyed themselves, it didn't matter. Another one I'd love to try with a smaller group of kids.

Like I said, this program got a little crazy. We expected a decent turn-out but not the number we ended up with, so we ran out of space quite quickly. Most kids just ended up finger painting over and over again, but they all seemed pleased, so even though it wasn't what we envisioned, we got many compliments and I'd say it was a success.

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