Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review: Finding Serendipity

Finding Serendipity
By Angelica Banks
Published 2015 by Henry Holt and Co.

Tuesday's mother is probably the most famous author in the world, the writer of the beloved Vivienne Small books. Just when she's about to finish the final book, Tuesday enters her mom's writing room and finds it empty. Just like that, Tuesday is off on an adventure to find her mother - and discover things about herself she couldn't have imagined.

Another of the ARCs to appear at my library recently, I immediately put it into the piles of ones I wanted to read before passing along. I read through it pretty quickly once I started - I didn't want to put it down.

I was completely charmed by this book. I loved Tuesday - she's smart and adventurous and loving and resourceful. She's completely devoted to her family, including her dog Baxterr, and they are just as devoted to her. The adventure is fun and exciting, with a few tense moments. I particularly enjoyed the bit where Tuesday begins to feel hopeless - it was quite beautifully written. In fact, the writing throughout is evocative and descriptive and works really well for the story.

Calling a children's book inspirational feels a bit like the kiss of death, but this book definitely stirred something within the cockles of my cold adult heart. Because, you see, this is a book about the power of reading and writing, and it evokes the beauty and struggle of both of those things perfectly. I completely loved it. It made me remember how much I loved writing when I was younger, something I don't do at all anymore (at least not creative writing) and made me question why I stopped. It made me want to pick up pen and paper again and find the writer who used to live inside me and see if she could live again. It also made me terrified that I could never come up with something as creative as my favorite stories and left me in awe of every writer who puts themselves out there, at the mercy of readers.

I was so charmed by this book that I'll happily recommend it to readers. I think, perhaps, it will work best as a family read-aloud, but I'll suggest it far and wide.

Thanks to the publisher for an advance reader's copy.


  1. Interesting. This one just didn't speak to me that strongly. I tend not to vibrate to Australian authors; maybe that's why.

    1. I've really only read one other Australian author (that I know of; I don't usually pay attention to that kind of info) - Melina Marchetta - and I loved those books. I just thought this one was charming and, like I said, I think it's great for sharing as a family.