Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fall Program Recap: Winnie the Pooh Party

When my coworker mentioned the idea of a Winnie the Pooh program, I eagerly signed up to help. How could I not? I love Winnie and his friends and I knew we could come up with some adorable fun for our patrons. Here's what we did!

Tigger tails: a very simple craft with brown construction paper strips as belts and orange construction paper strips attached as tails. Then we provided crayons for coloring on stripes. Voila! Your own Tigger tail. We even had the privilege of a life-size Tigger manning the station (our boss has a tiger costume). I loved seeing the Tigger tails running around the library after the program.

Best Friend picture frames: to represent Piglet, we had diecut foam picture frames that the kids could decorate. We provided a variety of stickers for decorations and magnets for the back of the frames. When they got home, all they had to do was put a picture of their best friend in the frame. They love anything with stickers.

Pooh masks: we pre-cut Winnie the Pooh masks and set them out, along with crayons and popsicle sticks. The kids could color the masks and then attach a stick and then pretend to be Pooh!

Rabbit's Garden: we filled our kiddie pool with beans and stuck in some apple and pumpkin diecut shapes. Once the kids dug through the garden and found a shape, they could turn it in for a delicious fruit snack. Probably the most popular station - the beans are always a big hit!

Obstacle course: we love to do obstacle courses in our programs because we can incorporate a variety of movements into one activity. For this course, the kids first had to flap their wings like Owl, then crawl like Gopher (there's the tunnel again!), and finally hop like Kanga and give Roo a big hug. Our teen volunteer stationed himself at the end of the course with a kangaroo puppet that we called Roo. It was adorable watching the kids make their way through and then shyly hug the puppet. They also got a stamp for participating.

Pin the Tail on Eeyore: I feel like this is a no-brainer! We made a big picture of Eeyore but left off his tail. Then we had the kids close their eyes (usually they are too young to be comfortable with blindfolds) and try to pin his tail on the right spot. Very simple and very adorable.

We had a lot of fun with Winnie the Pooh and friends and we think our patrons did, too!

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