Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: Insanity

By Susan Vaught
Published 2014 by Bloomsbury Childrens

Never, Kentucky is not just a small town. It's a crossways, where the dead and the living can interact. It's not the safest place to be. But Forest is stuck here, at least for now, working at Lincoln Hospital. Things take a strange turn one night and Forest is about to uncover her past, one she never could have imagined.

As I've said before, I'll try pretty much anything at least once, and I'm always on the lookout for creepy reads. I was happy to receive a galley of this, as it looked like it might by unsettling enough for my tastes. However, I didn't really care for this book.

It's told in distinct sections, each from a new point of view. The stories are all connected, though the transition from the first to the second was quite abrupt (it was much smoother with the other sections). I never really connected with any of the characters and it seemed that the narrative switched just at the point I was getting used to each new voice. For me, the plot was just a mess, with a little bit of everything thrown in for good measure, and only the presence of all of them together makes them unique. Additionally, I found the pacing very uneven. I had a hard time getting into this book, but later, there were parts that flew by. I know Vaught was going for a creepy atmosphere, what with the nearly abandoned hospital setting and all, but mostly, the vibe just came off weird to me. As much as I wanted to enjoy this book, it just wasn't for me. However, fans of Daniel Kraus and other complex, literary horror will probably enjoy this one.

Thanks to the publisher for an advance reader's copy.

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