Thursday, April 16, 2015


If you were here last week, you probably noticed my break from regular reviewing. And then you probably also noticed an immediate resumption of pretty much just reviews as usual. I still worry that my little forays outside of reviewing are just one voice, lost in the crowd, but I feel more sure of the importance of saying something when I feel like doing so.

On that note, if you were on Twitter on Tuesday, I hope you noticed and followed the #ToTheGirls hashtag. It was conceived of by YA author Courtney Summers, to coincide with the release of her newest book, All the Rage (about which I've heard nothing but immense praise), and to reach out to young women where they're at. The purpose of the hashtag was to let young women know the things we wish we'd known when we were there age, the things that other people might try to hide from them.

I have to admit - I kind of forgot about the hashtag until I opened Twitter on Tuesday (y'all, my memory is just NOT GOOD). But, immediately, I saw so many inspiring tweets. I had goosebumps. Tears. So many warm fuzzies. And so much anger. Anger that something like this is so necessary, that young women so often are not allowed to just be themselves, that some people try so hard to stifle them and stuff them into little boxes that they think are the definition of being a woman. Anger that it took almost 30 years for me to get to the point where I felt confident enough to offer advice to the next generation of young women, advice that I desperately could have used myself as a young woman.

But, it's important not to dwell on that anger because, ultimately, the hashtag gave me joy. Unbelievable joy. To see so many voices calling out and supporting young women. To know that some of those voices joined in despite threats or other people trying to suppress them. To feel inspired enough to compose my own tweets.

Though I don't know Courtney Summers personally, I am so proud of her for this beautiful bit of the internet she created for the girls - and I hope we can make it a little bit bigger every day.

You can read some of the beautiful and inspiring messages by searching Twitter for the hashtag: #ToTheGirls. You can also read articles about the movement at Huffington Post and The New York Times. Most importantly, you can keep the message alive by encouraging and supporting the young women in your life in any way you can.

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